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 Anonymous Data Collection
As a matter of principle, you can use Aesculap’s website (“Site”) without informing us who you are. We are informed only of the name of your Internet service provider, the data transmitted to us by your browser and the pages that you visit in our domains. For these purposes, we use the program etracker. The information collected by this program is only obtained for statistical purposes. As an individual user you remain anonymous.

Using the technologies provided by etracker (, user data is collected and stored on this site in an anonymized form. Cookies may be used for these purposes; however, these cookies collect and store data only in a pseudononymous form. The data is not used to personally identify the visitors to this Site and is not combined with other data pertaining to the bearer of any pseudonym. You may disable receipt of cookies using features of your web browser that disable or turn off cookies. With cookies disabled in your browser, the Site's customization features may not function properly.
Collection, Processing and Transmission of Personal DataPersonal data is only collected when you submit the data yourself, as, for example, in an inquiry form on the website. Your personal data will not be transmitted to any third party unless you explicitly indicate that this is your wish.

The website of the Aesculap Academy (including your user data) is operated by the data center Amazon (Amazon Cloud) in Ireland to guarantee a good global performance and high availability. Due to the high encryption we have chosen, Amazon has basically no access to your data.
The Amazon cloud is a part of "Amazon Web Services" and is operated by the Amazon Web Services, Inc., PO Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226. More information about "Amazon Web Services" and the privacy at Amazon you will find unter and

Consent and Limited Use
The submission of personal or business data (including e-mail addresses, names and addresses) is done on an explicitly voluntary basis. In submitting such data you indicate your consent that such data will be collected, processed or used for the purpose of making contact with you, responding to your requests for information, or for other purposes indicated by you, as well as for the protection of our own legitimate business interests. Data collection, processing or use for any other purpose will not occur without your express consent. Your consent to our use of your personal data may be withdrawn by you at any time by completing the electronic form available at:

AddThisAesculap uses the AddThis application to help make it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content of this Site with others. Aesculap does not collect or receive any personal information submitted to an AddThis application. Please refer to the AddThis Privacy Policy (available at to learn more about its commitment to privacy with respect to the use of the AddThis application.

Employment Opportunities
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (“ADP”) manages Aesculap’s Employment Opportunities posted on the Site. Data provided by users in response to Aesculap’s Employment Opportunities is transmitted directly to ADP. Aesculap encourages you to refer to ADP’s privacy policy (available at to learn more about its commitment to privacy.

Other Third Party Sites
Aesculap provides links to other third party websites that it does not control. Aesculap urges you to review the privacy policies posted on these third party websites at the time you first visit such sites. Aesculap undertakes no obligation to review or ensure enforcement or compliance with the privacy policy of any website to which it links.

Children’s Privacy
We understand the need to protect children's privacy online (we define "children" as minors younger than 13). We do not knowingly collect or use any personal information from children. We do not knowingly allow children to register with us, communicate with us, or to use any of our online services.

Governing Law and Data Storage
This Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of the United States of America. You should be aware that when you submit your personally identifiable information to Aesculap through this website, your information will be deemed sent to Aesculap from the United States of America, that your information may go to a country that has different privacy laws than your home country and that your information will be handled in accordance with the laws of the United States of America. By providing any personal information to Aesculap through this Web site, all users, including without limitation users in the member states of the European Union, fully understand and unambiguously consent to the submission, collection and processing of such information in the United States of America. Some of Aesculap’s websites are targeted towards countries other than the United States and are intended for visitors from those countries. If you are a resident of a country other than the United States and you give Aesculap personal information through an Aesculap website targeted towards your country of residence, that information will be stored and used in accordance with the laws of the country in which the website is maintained.

Transfer of InformationIn the event Aesculap or one of its divisions is ever sold to or acquired by another company, Aesculap reserves the right to transfer ownership of the customer information to the acquiring company.

Changes in this Privacy PolicyIf Aesculap decides to make any material changes to this Privacy Policy, Aesculap will notify users by posting any such material changes on this page in this section. Aesculap reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Your use of this website after changes to this Privacy Policy have been made constitutes acceptance of those changes going forward.



Global Course List Global Course List



Your contacts in the Aesculap Academy
Aesculap, Inc.
The Aesculap Academy
3773 Corporate Parkway
Center Valley, Pennsylvania
USA 18034

Telephone: (610) 797-9300
Fax: (610)791-6888

Denise Cyr
Associate Director, Academy & Events

Janet Mahaffey
Manager, Academy Programs 

Kelly Sophy
Senior Meeting Planner, Academy Programs

Michele Unger
Acaedemy & Credentialing Coordinator

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